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Has your business been struggling to make ends meet? It’s time to let your website work for you.

When it comes to using your website as a sales tool, a great place to start is with the quality and quantity of your landing pages.

Each landing page offers an opportunity for consumers searching online to find your website. If they’re designed right, landing pages can bring in a steady stream of online inquiries and leads.

What is a Landing Page?

These are the pages on your site that contain information about your services and products. When they’re built properly, they contain keywords and Search Engine Optimization that causes them to appear in online results when consumers search for services like yours.

Landing Pages Designed to Convert Leads

There’s a bit of a science involved in the building and layout of landing pages. At Sprout, every page we create is designed and written to attract, retain, and convert viewers.

Attract prospects

Attract Prospects

Getting found in Google or Bing searches is the most important job of landing pages. The more you have, the more likely your pages are to appear in search results, and the more competitive your website is.

Attract prospects

Retain Visitors

Through clean and pleasing visual design, including images and content layout, landing pages follow a logical pattern that gracefully leads visitors towards a compelling call-to-action.

Attract prospects

Convert Leads

Once visitors have found your landing page in search results and been wooed by the beautiful, mobile-friendly design, the page needs to convert them. This is done through precise copywriting that identifies their needs, offers a solution, and includes an obvious call-to-action and contact form.

What Goes Into Landing Page Design?

Strong, visible headline

Mobile-friendly layout

Beautiful and clean graphic design

Recognizable branding and images

Copy explaining the benefits of your services

Obvious call-to-action buttons

Secure contact or sign-up forms

SEO Boosts to Increase Your Site Traffic

With our standard SEO Boost, we upgrade four landing pages on your website with quality keywords and SEO features. We work with a variety of platforms, so check with us to see if your website is built with one of them!

Adding SEO Pages to Your Website

If you have a website built with RapidWeaver, or if we built your website in the past, talk to us about adding landing pages! The more well-designed pages you have, the broader your online reach, and the greater your exposure to leads.

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