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Are you like thousands of other businesses who use WordPress as a web platform? These websites are often created and managed in-house, and can be a convenient and cost-effective option for new businesses. But sometimes, the convenience comes with a trade-off.

While you may have a creatively designed website, if you’re not familiar with how to manage your Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), your site could end up as a digital paperweight--sitting still and not making you money.

What you want is traffic, leads, and sales. That’s where we can help.

Looking to Grow Your Online Sales on WordPress?

If you’re hoping to gain web traffic to your WordPress site, you need to have a few things in place. Beyond the technicalities, you’ll need to have a grasp of who your audience is and what have you offer them. With an initial focus on targeted, regional results, we’ll work to establish a steady traffic flow to your site. From there, it’s all about the maintenance.

Affordable SEO Overhauls for WordPress Websites

We offer something called the SEO Boost. Our WordPress experts will assess your website and install the necessary plugins to turn on and track your SEO.

From there, our copywriters will look at the content strategy of up to four landing pages. Is the content telling a story? Solving a need? Defining a solution? We’ll combine SEO strategy with your existing copy to create the perfect message and harmony.

Once we’ve rewritten the copy, we’ll publish the four pages to your website, incorporating the proper heading tags, keyword phrases, meta data, and Analytics.

After the boost, we’ll assess what keyword searches you’re coming up for in Google. If you opt for SEO Maintenance, we’ll track and maintain your SEO long-term, ensuring an ever-growing list of search results that align with your keyword goals.

Your Regional WordPress SEO Experts


After just one SEO Boost, many of our customers enjoy impressive increases in their web traffic, form inquiries, and online sales. We’re here to help you cultivate the online presence your business deserves. Let’s talk soon!

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