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    Effective SEO built into every new site we make

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    Ongoing SEO Maintenance to keep you on top

What is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO involves the complex process that search engines like Google use to determine which websites should be displayed in search results. Lots of different things contribute to SEO, and Google filters through millions of websites to determine the best results for every online search. If a website has no SEO, it has no chance of being found in the competitive world of online searches.

What does SEO involve?

A website without SEO is a website that will not be found in searches. And SEO takes work. It takes much more than keyword-stuffing to optimize a site. It takes precise web page layout, proper content tagging and organization, excellent copywriting, and plenty of behind-the-scenes work to bring your website up in a Google search.

How can SEO help my website?

At Sprout, our goal is first page search results for every client. And we do it all the time. Our SEO services ensure that each new website is easily found on all kinds of search engines and mobile devices. We embed SEO into every new site we build based on key search words and phrases in your industry. But we don’t stop there. Our advanced analytics tracking allows us to alter and adjust your SEO on an ongoing basis, helping your website rise through the rankings even as the market trends and changes.

Here are some of the tools we use monitor search results and keep your website climbing to first page results:

  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

  • Google Analytics

  • Woorank reviews

  • Spyfu

  • Peek

  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

  • Google Analytics

  • Woorank reviews

  • Spyfu

  • Peek

Want an SEO overhaul for your current website?

With every new website we build, we optimize each landing page for the best search results. But what if you want to keep your old website? No problem. Our SEO Booster is a one time, complete overhaul that will help your website get found in online searches.

What’s included in your SEO Boost:

  1. Once you Identify the key search phrases you would like to come up for, we edit the copy on every page to reflect these specific goals.

  2. If you have a WordPress site, we install the plugins that allow us to implement SEO.

  3. We then update your website with new copy, headings, titles, meta descriptions, and a complete sitemap.

  4. We spend time monitoring first page search results based on effective keywords in your industry

  5. Finally, we use analytics tracking to monitor visitor data for your site. We track improvements to increase your search results.

Stay on the first page with monthly SEO Maintenance

Did you know that Google changes how it operates all the time? The things people type when searching online changes over time as well. With all of Google’s algorithm changes and the rise of new competitors in your industry, you must have proactive SEO to stay in the top results.

Google used to display the top seven local businesses on the first page. Now it only displays three. Because of these constant changes, many websites drop in rankings because their SEO becomes outdated. With proper SEO maintenance, we navigate these changes for you, keeping your website upwardly mobile.

What’s included in your Monthly SEO Maintenance:

  1. We review your keyword search goals and track them monthly to show your progress.

  2. We conduct monthly manual searches and recording of each new search goal that is met. We also record keywords that slip from search results.

  3. We use extensive Google Analytics data monitoring, adjusting your web copy as needed to produce the best results.

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