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    Creating valuable, searchable content for your website and for sharing on other platforms

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    Helping you become established as an industry expert and a go-to resource

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    Engaging content to increase your following, drive web traffic, and promote calls to action

If the word “blogging” sounds trendy and technical to you, that’s because it is! Blogging helps businesses maintain a relevant and strategic web presence, which is crucial in today’s mobile and information hungry market.

Why does my business need a blog?

Blogging remains one of the most important online marketing practices for businesses. When written with proper SEO strategies, each blog post becomes its own webpage that can be found by search engines. Most companies lack the time to write their own content. That’s where Sprout comes in.

What is SEO blogging? Can I do it myself?

A large part of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves the layout of written content within web pages. SEO blogging requires a very specific knowledge of website platforms. Anyone can write a blog post, but those blogs are usually not optimized for searchability. Our content writers at Sprout have an in-depth knowledge of SEO plugins and current blogging trends.

What do I get when I hire Sprout’s blogging services?

At Sprout, we serve as your marketing department. We help business owners share their industry expertise and become recognized as experts in their fields. By collaborating directly with business owners and marketing directors, we help establish a content strategy and a target audience for the blog.

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